Caring For Your Bowl

Large Wooden Bowls

Your wood bowl can be used to serve food such as salads, bread or sushi. Salad dressings with vinegar, lemon juice, or garlic can safely be used in your bowl. As the finish is very stable, you can use the bowl for other foods, such as fruit salad, without flavor cross-over. However, we recommend you do not serve hot liquid, such as soup, from the bowl.

After use, wash the bowl with warm soapy water, rinse and dry it.

Occasionally (every 3-6 months) you can rub the bowl with any oil or wax intended for kitchen use. These products are available in kitchen shops. We do not recommend vegetable oils as they may get rancid. If the bowl gets an oil build-up on the surface, you can use a plastic scrubber to remove it.

If your bowl is decorative, the occasional oil or wax application is recommended.

Don't store your bowl where it is exposed to direct sunlight. Don't use your bowl in the refrigerator as the dry air is not good for the bowl.

We hope you will enjoy this unique hand-crafted and functional art for many years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.